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    These are the growth plans for thriving businesses. campaigns and organizations. While most leaders know exactly what market they need to reach, they are also far too busy to sit in the marketing seat to drive the strategies themselves. If this is you, you need a group of visual communicators and strategic communication experts to craft and execute your brand story alongside you.


    We can help. At Communication in Mind, we accelerate creatives, brands, and entrepreneurs in strategic ways. Marketing isn't rocket science —yet, but it is getting smarter and harder.


    Ask me how we can move your ideas forward.

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    We work like an offsite marketing team for clients: we craft visual messages, optimize social media engagement and deliver needed marketing services when you need it.


    We rely on your input, existing content, and data.

    You rely on our expertise, designers, and research on best ways to deliver your message.


    We help with:

    • brand coaching and consulting

    • marketing project management

    creative design services for print, web, and multimedia

    • editing and content management

    • media planning

    • engagement planning


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    Request #CommAcademy, an offering of resume reviews and marketing 101 workshops
    for schools and charitable organizations.

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    If you're not sure that you want help, yet, try this short survey to audit your own messaging, internal communications, and corporate identity.

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    The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing. It feels like honesty. - Tom Fishburne

    Ruthnie Angrand, Partner

    I live in Upstate New York and share what I know as a marketer, philanthropist, and creative. When I dove into corporate communications from journalism, I didn't intend to create a marketing firm. I intended on leveraging communications and marketing strategies to help organizations compete. Communication strategies are a requirement for any organization competing for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with its internal audience, external stakeholders and the public. I began Communication in Mind, while in the nonprofit sector, as a way to change how peer organizations delivered their message and told their stories.


    I have since found partners who share a desire and vision to elevate standards and practices for growing organizations. I have earned over a decade of experience in media, private-sector marketing and organizational development solving problems, collaborating on successful campaigns, and building relationships. Our ambition is simple: make engagement meaningful.

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